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Commercial High-Rise Buildings

When it comes to restoration services for commercial high-rises, hiring a professional team is a must. At 360 Fire & Flood, our specialists have the skills that are needed when it comes to intricate commercial high-rise flooding issues and other disasters. When you experience a loss in a commercial building time, is of the essence when it comes to restoration work. 360 Fire & Flood has the necessary equipment, manpower, and expertise, to complete the work quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and disruption of building occupants. We provide superior craftsmanship, making sure the project is completed safely and on time.

Even though a building’s operations team may be well-trained in handling issues throughout the high-rise, they may not be equipped to handle the kind of water damage that can occur from a broken pipe or flood.

360 Fire & Flood is a trusted partner in the recovery process for commercial high-rise restoration. We guide the recovery process from start to finish and help assist with insurance claims during the process.

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Even during overwhelming circumstances, we are dedicated to providing quick, quality service and support.