Site Assessment Before Disaster Strikes

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Before a Disaster

360 Fire & Flood is proud to offer comprehensive site assessments to ensure you know exactly what your building or property is up against in the case of a catastrophic event. It can be difficult to find a company that takes the time to go through the site assessment process with you step-by-step.

What Is

The Site Assessment Process?

Pre-Assessment Site Visit

Our team will study the structures on your property to evaluate the next steps. If you have multiple standing buildings, our team will go into each one to find out what level of exposure they had, and where shutoffs are for water, electric panels, servers, and critical areas. In the case of a water loss, we know the importance of tackling these items first.


We will put together a comprehensive checklist with your insurance agent, emergency contacts, plumbing companies, and more so that you don’t feel unprepared if disaster strikes.
We know how important it is to ensure your property is safe and secure after a disaster. At 360 Fire & Flood, our team is dedicated to helping you through the entire restoration process, from site assessment to rebuild. Alongside our network of professionals, there’s nothing we can’t handle.

To work with us on a site assessment for your property, contact us at 360 Fire & Flood today!

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Even during overwhelming circumstances, we are dedicated to providing quick, quality service and support.